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If you’re looking for “Better Future”, you can’t buy it, you have to create it.

New technologies, new perspectives

IAMAS Technologies Ltd, active in the fields of commercial and industrial research of renewable energy, water purification systems, energy storage systems and waste management systems. With our years of experience in the industry, we have identified the real needs of the market and we have researched and combined innovation with realistic entrepreneurship.

Innovation that brings new life in the field of waste management

Convert the plastics to diesel

  • With our technology you can produce high quality DIESEL (DIN590) from plastics – municipal waste – industrial waste – used oils.
  • Electricity generation with DIESEL produced from waste
  • Automatic segregation and sorting of waste (raw materials – recycled products)
  • All accomplished at higher performance and with greater efficiency than existing technologies

IAMAS  invests in research, participates and strengthens the work of its collaborators in order to further develop and improve the technologies offered, as well as to create new technologies for waste management.

Innovation that brings new life in the field of ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS

Energy Storage Systems are an integral part of the smart grid and are essential for its proper function. As the number of decentralized sources increases, so does the importance of Energy Storage Systems. They can be implemented in the production, distribution and consumption of electricity.

IAMAS can offer solutions in the classical way using energy storage systems with lithium batteries or with our new innovative technology using graphene cells. We also have specialized solutions for military use.

Innovation that brings new life in the field of watter purification technology

This is an innovative and efficient water detoxification nanotechnology for the destruction of extremely hazardous toxins and emerging pollutants in natural waters and water supplies.

Our technology has won the PSIPW International Prize for Water Award Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

In our methodology, we followed a holistic approach going from the level of the nanomaterials synthesis to device design and manufacture, passing through process engineering and optimization.

The new technology, by contrast to conventional separation methods, focuses on advanced oxidation processes with global environmental applications and brings about the photocatalytic degradation of contaminants during the filtration process. It thus permits water purification and water quality enhancement under normal solar light conditions, with high efficiency and low cost.

We have strong interest in the exploitation of water purification technology that has been developed in the frame of a previous EU funded project (FP7, contract number: 227017).

IAMAS with the support of very experienced researchers in the domain of nanotechnology for water purification develops the technology of the photocatalytic membrane reactor, in order to proceed to its industrialization and promotion to the local and international market.

IAMAS is a trading name of IAMAS Technologies Ltd. The company IAMAS Technologies Ltd is registered in England and Wales with company number 11842459, the Registered office address is on 269 Farnborough Road Farnborough, London. Post Code: GU14 7LY.