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The IAMAS GOtDE 500 is the most comprehensive waste management proposal as it is designed to process the largest possible range of industrial and municipal waste.

The GOtDE 500 can accept common urban waste, plastics, industrial oils, fuel tank-oil tanks and used cooking oils.

The GOtDE 500 has the ability to process 120 tonnes of urban waste or 12,000 liters of old industrial oils every 24 hours. Depending on the raw material processed by the GOtDE 500 unit, the products produced are DIESEL, recycled materials and electricity.

The DIESEL production method is carried out by fractional depolymerization technology.

The production of DIESEL is 11,500 liters per day, electricity production up to 2,5MW / h (60MW per 24-hour) and the production of recyclable materials depends on the input of urban waste.

The GOtDE 500 can be expanded to customer requirements in such a way that it is possible to process a larger volume of waste while at the same time increasing its produce output.